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President                             Warren Wehmas 
Vice President                     Scott Dulas             
Secretary                             Sheila Fawcett                
Treasurer                             Troy Nelson      
Editor                                   Chuck Glover

Executive Board Chair         Connie Beissel                      
Executive Board                   Katie Schoenecker          
Executive Board                   Reid Dykema       
Executive Board                   Brian Duerr
Executive Board                   David Zimney              
AFL-CIO Delegate                Connie Beissel 
AFL-CIO Delegate                Perry Schmidt 
AFL-CIO Delegate                Scott Dulas
MSALC Retiree Council       Barry Weiner
MSALC Retiree Council       Robert Baird                
Director of Retirees              Rodney Anderson

Congressional District Liaisons:
     1st  District                      Harold Weed           
     2nd District                      Connie Beissel
     3rd  District                      Brandon Rubow
     4th  District                      Perry Schmidt    
     5th  District                      Luis Lesario           
     6th  District                      Eduardo Silva
     7th  District                      Vacant
     8th  District                      Shawn Hansen                    

State Officers, Board and Congressional District Liaisons

This page was last updated: March 29, 2017
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Minnesota State Association of Letter Carriers

More Detailed contact information can be found on the FAQ page of this website, enter the statepassword and click on the link toward the top of the page.
MSALC Executive Board Advisors

Mark Schultz 
Reuben Perez    

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