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Special Messages will appear here from time to time from MSALC State President Warren Wehmas....check back soon.
Summary of Activities since 2015 Convention

02/09/16       Meeting with Kip Hedges ($15 Now)
02/12/16       DFL Humphrey-Mondale Dinner
02/21/16       MSALC Board Meeting
02/22/16       Rick Nolan Fundraiser
02/23/16       Candidate Screening (Angie Craig)
03/29/16       Meeting with NBA Wittenberg
03/02/16       5th District LCCL Recruitment
04/27/16       Region 7 Training
05/04/16      Meeting with Keith Ellison
05/22/16      MSALC Board Meeting
06/17/16      Town Hall Meeting with Tom Emmer
06/20/16      Meeting with Bill McCarthy MN AFL-CIO
07/26/16      Candidate Screening (Bonnoff)
07/30/16      Planning Meeting at Cragun’s
08/15-08/19/16   NALC National Convention
09/07/16      LCCL Recruitment
09/08/16      Meeting with Keith Ellison
09/11/16      MSALC Board Meeting
09/15/16      Meeting with Betty McCollum
09/19-09/20/16       Fall COP
09/26-09/27/16       MN AFL-CIO Convention
10/03-10/05/16       MSALC Training Session
12/09/16      Region 7 State Chairs Meeting 
01/17/17      AFL-CIO Recognition Dinner
02/12/17      MSALC Board Meeting
02/13/17      Meeting with Collin Peterson’s Staff
02/22/17      Betty McCollum Dinner
03/14/17      Keith Ellison Breakfast
03/15/17      Meeting with Jason Lewis Staff
03/21/17      Alexandria Branch 2120 Meeting
05/20/17      Convention Planning Meeting at Cragun’s
05/21/17      MSALC Board Meeting
06/03/17      DFL Humphrey-Mondale Dinner
06/13-06/15/17       NALC National Rap Session
07/02/17      Amy Klobuchar Fundraiser
07/10/17      Keith Ellison Labor Lunch
07/30/17      Budget and MSALC Board Meeting